Welcome to BonaireArt

BonaireArt brings you the arts and culture of island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean, including listings of current exhibits and events, and galleries as well as information about local artists and their work.


We try to post messages to this site when we hear or read about upcoming art and cultural events on Bonaire. We are happy to receive press releases and notices of your Bonaire event or about a Bonaire-based artist.

Guidelines for submissions:

  • the event (like a presentation, exhibition, or award) must be on Bonaire,
  • or be about a Bonaire based artist
  • supply the basic information – dates, times, and place
  • description of the event or news
  • contact information and/or web site URL
  • related pictures – no more than 350 pixels wide, 72 dpi, JPG format

Email submissions to: info@bonaireart.org, or drop off information at the Richter Art Gallery at Kaya Statius van Eps #17 in Belnem.

We cannot guarantee that we will post all submissions we receive. Some may not be appropriate to our site, or duplicate information we are already providing in another post.