The Green Salon October 10, 2014

Green SalonA new creative initiative on Bonaire!

To stimulate creative thinking and action on Bonaire, Bonaire Basics, Kaya Korona 47, opens its doors to artists and other creative minds to enjoy an evening together. On October 10th 2014 from 19pm till 22pm, the opening of The Green Salon will start with an art exhibition of paintings inspired by the island from local artists Fred Van den Broek ( and Alejandra Requelme.( or The love and emotion for Bonaire are visible in their paintings and this is also the theme for this first meeting. Every month a meeting will take place for which all habitants and visitors of our island are welcome.

The content of the meetings will vary and will depend upon the input of people with creative minds. There is room and space to exhibit art, to give inspirational lectures, to discuss, to brainstorm, to cooperate, to support each other, to give and get inspiration to start new projects. To give input to these meetings is a creative process as well!

If you too feel the love for Bonaire and you want to inspire yourself by painters who show this in their works of art, we hope to see you on October 10th! Drinks are affordable and snacks are complimentary!

During this evening we will collect ideas about the content of coming meetings of the Green Salon.
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