Exhibition – Union in Diversity

October 10, 2010
4pm Grand Opening
through October 31, 2010

Spirit of Bonaire by Jake Richter
Spirit of Bonaire by Jake Richter

Starting on October 10, 2010, at 4pm, Kas di Arte will be holding an exhibition entitled “The Kingdom of The Netherlands:  Union in Diversity” to commemorate the transition on 10-10-10 of Bonaire, St. Eustatius (Statia), and Saba (collectively the BES islands) from the country of the Netherlands Antilles into the fold of The Netherlands.

The Netherlands Antilles cease to exist on 10-10-10 as well, so the date holds great promise and concern as well.

The exhibit brings together twenty artists – ten from Bonaire and ten from outside Bonaire, namely from Aruba, Curacao, and Holland – to present works which comment on the transition of the BES islands.

Participating artists are from outside Bonaire are Gustave Nouel of Aruba/Holland, Johannes Boekhoudt of Costa Rica/Bonaire, Elvis Tromp of Aruba, Edmond Tujeehut of Aruba, Frank Croes of Aruba, Wine Fransen of Holland, Ad Rooymans of Holland, Harald Vlugt of Holland, Yubi Kirindongo of Curacao, Ruben La Cruz of Curacao/Holland, and Karolien Helweg of Holland.

Local artists from Bonaire include Nochi Coffie, Henk Roozendaal, Frans Booi, Renate van der Bijl, Ria Verhoef, Manuela Winklaar, Winfred Dania, Jake Richter, Ronald Verhoeven, and Sedney Marten.

The exhibition is open nightly from 5pm until 9pm, through October 31, 2010. (Source: The Bonaire Insider)