Wil Dijkstra Exhibit at Plaza Resort

October 2, 2010
4:30pm, Exhibit Opens

Painting by Wil Dijkstra
Painting by Wil Dijkstra

Starting October 2nd, 2010, there will be an exhibition of paintings by artist Wil Dijkstra in the reception area of the Plaza Resort on Bonaire. The opening will be officiated by Lt. Governor Glenn Thode at 4:30 pm on the opening day.

The majority of the new paintings on display are inspired by living on the beautiful island of Bonaire, with rich, colorful imagery. Themes include portraits, nature, the underwater world and abstract impressions. In addition to paint, natural materials found on the beach, like palm leaves, sand, and coralline rock are also used in the construction of Wil’s paintings.

Wil had very successful exhibitions here on Bonaire in the former Cinnamon Art Gallery as well as at Kas di Arte and Littman’s Artistique.

Wil left Bonaire to live and work in Holland several years ago, but have now moved back to Bonaire via an inspirational seven month sailboat journey, and have been living on the island since the beginning of the year.

The exhibit will be open daily from 9:00am hours until 6:00pm, and will run until April 1st, 2011.

Plaza Resort is located at J.A. Abraham Boulevard 80. Phone: 717 2500.

Wil’s web site is at http://www.wildijkstra.com.