Wolmoet Jansen’s Shell Animals

Plaza Resort Bonaire
Now through May 2010

by Wolmoet Jansen
by Wolmoet Jansen

For years self-taught artist Wolmoet Jansen has been producing art with materials that she feels close to. In Holland she used to work and experiment with paint, wood, fabric, concrete and ‘free and found’ materials.

On Bonaire she chose to work with shells. Kas di Arte exposed her work in 2009 and now Plaza Resort has given her room to show her unique art to the public.

The ‘paintings’ are large with the giant animals in sometimes extreme positions; a laughing turtle, a threatening octopus, an iquana balancing on a fence.

They are traditional ‘paintings’, that involve a lot of work; hours of roaming the coasts of Bonaire where every area seems to have its own kind of shells, sorting and cleaning , toying and experimenting with sizes and natural colors of the shells  to get the body of the animal just right.

She likes to work on large canvasses. And the lobby of the Plaza offers plenty of space to give her art the space it needs. There are shell paintings, rocks with animals and mobiles to be admired.

The exhibition of Wolmoet Jansen has started at the beginning of March and will continue until May 2010.

Portfolio with information and prices is available at the front desk of the Plaza.